February 9, 2023

26 Clever Storage & Organization Hacks

26 Genius Ways To Bring Order To Your Home | It’s a universal truth: Anyone who doesn’t happen to live in a huge mansion is bound to run into storage problems at some point. But you don’t have to drive to a furniture store to get your things in order, because our 26 storage solutions are super useful and easy to do. You’ll be amazed at how much space you have in your kitchen. Marie Kondo is going to be so jealous of these tricks! 



This video is full of magic! You will learn how to make optical illusions that seem physically impossible. It’s a perfect way to prank your friends and have a lot of fun. For perfect performance you need to practice a lot otherwise the tricks will be too slow. Let’s start from the trick when a girl eats her fingers.


19 Simple Psychological Tricks That Actually Work

Have you ever had to use psychological tricks to get what you want? There are a lot of psychological tricks and neuro-linguistic programming tips and there are millions of books and articles written about them. Many of these tricks really help professionals manipulate people and avoid being tricked by others. But are there tips that non-professionals can use on a daily basis?